Thursday, 28 July 2011

Campaign to get on Breakfast Calgary Successful!!

Back in June, I met with someone who told me something I already knew, but wasn't doing.  She said I should be writing down my goals and setting deadlines to hold myself accountable.  This is something I inherently knew, but wasn't doing.  So, the next day I put pen to paper to map out some goals.

One of those goals was to get on BT and within a month I had achieved my goal, thanks to Kristin Hursh (producer and reporter) who developed the segment and Jill Beland who interviewed us on air.  Also, thanks to everyone behind the scenes who got us ready and walked us through the process.  Kristin, Jill, and the whole BT team were so kind, patient, sincere, and genuine... everything you see on screen and more. 

Now, if I was technologically savvy, I would convert the segment from my PVR to YouTube for all to see.  However, that is WAY beyond my abilities, so I will have to wait for the DVD and then I will figure out a way to upload it.  So much technology... yet not enough knowledge to harness it!  I need to have the Geek Squad on speed dial.

So, hopefully the video will follow... thanks for your patience!  And thanks to all of our supporters. 

Thanks to the kindness of the BT team for getting us on the air.  We are truly grateful.  Check out BT Calgary to learn more about the morning show!

Have a fashionable long weekend everyone!  

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