by: Leigh-Ellen Thomas of Little Waterlily Blog

I recently went to grab some lunch for the Husband and I from the cafeteria at work. Quesadillas looked good and came with little plastic containers of salsa and sour cream. They were basically little plastic bowls with lids.

I paid the girl at the cash register and then, faced with balancing two plates with quesadillas and four plastic containers of condiments I popped the salsa and sour cream in my bag.

Luckily at some point my brain turned on and realized I was putting fairly flimsy containers of salsa and sour cream into my rented Michael Kors Hamilton.

This is why I shouldn’t own nice things. I’m rough on my things!

My best friend and I own the same pair of Steve Madden boots. She got slightly perturbed when my dog sat on hers. I wore mine into a muddy corn maze. My sunglasses will wind up in the lake or ocean with me whether they’re designer or cost $5 at the gas station. Once I own something I tend to forget about price tag and such use it!

I’m usually hyper paranoid about my rented bag for the first 36 hours I have it. Once I’ve had it a week I treat it like it’s mine! Luckily rented things can come with insurance! Perhaps they should also come with a warning siren.

The Bling Girls can attest to the fact that I’ve always sent the rented bags back in completely respectable condition…. no salsa included.

Leigh-Ellen Thomas lives, loves and shops on the East Coast of Canada with her husband, golden retriever and the cat who rules them all. For more fashion, travel and pet peeves visit her blog at

A Note from The Bling Girls: Leigh-Ellen’s handbags always come back in PRISTINE condition! Nary a speck of dirt, salsa, or sour cream in sight :)