Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Favorite Fall Fashions

It is unbelievable to me that I will need to start wearing fall fashions in just a couple of weeks.  As I type this, it is +30 outside and wearing skirts, shorts, and open toe shoes is more of a necessity than a fashion statement.  So, fall fashions are really the last thing on my mind.  But, I wanted to start pulling together a few fall looks so when the time comes, you will be ready.  Grab an ice cold lemonade and enjoy.

The Mis-Matched Look

One of these things is not like the other... gone are the days of perfectly matching your top to your pants and your shoes to your handbag.  Although the Duchess of Cambridge pulls off the perfectly matched look beautifully, the antithesis of that can also be equally as stunning.  Check out some examples of the mis-matched (yet pulled together) look:

Top Shop Border Print Leggings £22.00.  Click here for link to source.

Olivia Palermo.  Click here for link to source.

Dolce and Gabbana. Photo by Yannis Vlamos. Click here for link to source.


The trees are changing colours and so should you.  Drop the drab greys, browns, and blacks, and replace with bright pinks, oranges, and blues!   

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Arianna Stretch Jersey Top $355. Click here for link to source.

Preen Line Blanche Stretch cotton jacket $705.  Click here for link to source.

Theory Rikina Ruffled Satin Dress $345.  Click here for link to source.

J Brand 811 mid-rise twill cropped skinny jeans $175.  Click here for link to source.


Ever since Catherine Middleton walked down the aisle, lace has been seen everywhere, even in fall fashions.  Lace is fun, flirty, light, and lovely.

Valentino. Fall 2011 RTW Collection. Photo: Yannis Vlamos/ taken from  Click here for link to source.

Mark + James by Badgley Mischka Flocked-Lace Pencil Skirt.  $255 USD. Click here for link to source.


 Bottega Veneta Silk Blend Chiffon and Tulle lace top.  $1220 USD.  Click here for link to source.

Antonio Berardi Lace Top $1320. Click here for link to source. 

 Top Shop Lace Frill Sleeve Bodycon Dress. £55.00  Click here for link to source.

Jimmy Choo Faith Lace Pumps.  $995 USD.  Click here for link to source.

 Jimmy Choo Kudos Lace and Patent Platform Peeptoe booties.  Click here for link to source.

Top three tips for fall fashion:

1.  Don't be afraid to take chances with fall fashion!  Go for bright colours, unusual fabrics, and mis-matched prints.  Go boldly where you have not gone before.  Life is too short to only wear black and grey every fall.

2.  You can wear white after Labour Day!  It was seen on many Fall 2011 runways paired with bold and subdued colours.

3.  Ditch your LBD in favour of a bold coloured sheath dress.  Perfect for work with neutral pumps.  Then transform the look into the evening with a python print clutch and long necklace.  No python print clutch in your wardrobe?  Rent one from us and save your money for hitting the town.  Divine.

What are your favorite fall looks for the 2011 season?

Much love,

The Bling Girls

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

$25 Giveaway every day in September!!

Every day throughout the month of September 2011, Bling Borrowers will be posting something on our Facebook page and giving away a $25 credit once a day to someone who comments on our post!

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

In a Perfect World...

My significant other would insist on doing all the housework:

I wouldn’t have to suffer through another aerobics class with a perky instructor who I am convinced only eats lettuce and is related to Barbie:

There would be washing machines that hang, iron and fold laundry 

My groceries would magically appear in my fridge without having to go to the store 

I could carry a Louis Vuitton handbag, feel like a million bucks, but only spend $35 instead of over $1000

Well, one out of five isn’t bad. 

Check out to rent authentic, designer handbags, jewelry and accessories at a fraction of retail prices!  In the meantime, we'll keep working on finding a re-stocking fridge, self folding laundry, and people who love to do housework.  When we find them, we'll let you know.

Much love,
The Bling Girls

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Paying for What you Use

Why would I rent something when I could just go out and buy it?  Isn't renting just throwing my money away?

Not at all... if you look at the cost per use of owning something rather than renting, you end up saving far more money in the long run by renting rather than buying.  Think of it like paying for what you use.  I'll show you how...

Take a Louis Vuitton Speedy:

Cost to purchase this handbag is $750 + GST (and PST/HST depending on where you live).  At minimum, you are spending almost $800 on it depending on the sales tax in your area.  Cost will be even higher if you pay by credit card and don't pay the balance off in full by the due date!

Now, think about how many times you'll use the handbag.  Since it's such a great bag, you'll probably use it a lot (in the beginning).  Let's say you use it every day for two months, which is about 60 uses.  Then start to get tired of it and begin using other bags.  You use the bag twice a week for the next four months (another 32 uses).  Now, the bag is 6 months old.  By that time, you've bought yourself a new handbag and this one is now sitting in your closet collecting dust. 

So, you used the bag about 92 times.  Let's make it an even 100 times for easy figuring.  At $800 and 100 uses, that handbag cost you $8 to use each time.  Remember, if you paid by credit card and had to pay interest, the cost per use will go up considerably.

Now, let's look at renting.

The same handbag costs $280 to rent for an entire season.  That gives you 90 days to use it (and if you watch for sales like our double time sale on now... you would get it for 180 days at no extra charge!).  Assuming you pay regular price $280 + GST ($294) and use the bag every day during the 90 day rental period, it only costs $3.26 per use!!  And if you cashed in on our sale, it would only cost $1.63 per use!!




So, in this instance, renting saves you between 55 - 80% off the retail price compared to buying the item.  And, you don't have to come up with $800 out of pocket to buy the handbag... instead you only need $280!

Renting saves you money compared to paying retail prices AND saves you money when you look at the cost per use.  Renting handbags can be less than the price of a cup of coffee!  Who knew Louis Vuitton could be so affordable!

If you want to cash in on our Double Time for Free sale (ending August 31, 2011) check our website out here:  Absolutely EVERYTHING on the website is included in the sale, no exceptions.  We will automatically double your rental time with any online order until August 31st!

Much love,
The Bling Girls 

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Handbags to go with Every Outfit

by: Leigh-Ellen Thomas

If you’re anything like me you’re looking to get the absolute most from every fashion dollar in order to justify what is fundamentally a splurge.   I have certain pieces that every time I wear them I calculate what it cost per wear.  Don’t try that with your wedding dress by the way... or bridesmaids dresses.  Love and friendship don’t have a dollar (or pound or yen) value.  Remind yourself of that as you wear lavender taffeta.

Ok, I feel I’ve gotten off topic now.  Obviously when looking at renting a piece you want to make sure you get the most bag bang for your buck.  You’ve decided to get a bag for a week or a month or a season and you want to use it every single day until you feel like you’re making money on the rental.  The following are my suggestions for “Go With Everything “ pieces that are under $50 a week.

First up are big, black, and shiny that will take you to work and all about town:


If you want something on your arm that everyone is going to recognise as special but that you can wear whether dressing up or down it would have to be the iconic Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull MM.

Metallics are going to be big for Fall and I love that this Julia Op Art Perry from Coach will work whether you’re going with gold or silver.

But my number one choice for go-to bag is Michael Kors’ Gansevoort Large Leather Tote.  You might think I’m crazy but I think that colour can go with pretty much everything from jeans to summer dresses to business suits.  I should know, the month I had it I took it to work, the movies, the mall, Cirque du Soleil, out to dinner, everywhere.

So what’s your everyday choice?

Leigh-Ellen Thomas lives, loves and shops on the East Coast of Canada with her LeighEllenprofilepichusband, golden retriever and the cat who rules them all.  For more fashion, travel and pet peeves visit her blog at

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bling Borrowers on Breakfast Television

So, here it is... 

the clip from our Breakfast Television appearance on City TV.  It takes about 12 seconds to start, so you can either sit patiently or fast forward a bit.  I recommend the latter.  Enjoy and let us know your thoughts!

P.S.  being on live tv is more nerve wracking than anticipated.  I have no idea how Jill, Kristin, Tara, Andrew, Mike, and the gang at Breakfast Television make it look so easy.  Lots of practice I guess.  Also have no idea how they continually get up at ungodly hours of the morning.  Not sure anyone gets used to that.  Kudos to them!

Thanks again to Breakfast Television for featuring Bling Borrowers.  If you are interested in checking out the website, you will find it here:  You'll receive double your rental time FREE on everything on the site during the month of August.  Just order online and we'll automatically double your time.  No coupons to buy, no codes to enter.  It's really that easy!

Much Love,
The Bling Girls

Friday, 5 August 2011

Lifespan of a Handbag

Okay, we've all been there.  Standing in the store holding a potential purchase with palms sweating.  Do you go for it and shell out the big bucks or quietly put it back on the shelf and slink out of the store?

For every handbag we buy, it has a lifespan.  And it goes something like this:

DAY ONE: we LOVE our new handbag more than anything else in our closets.  We know we aren't supposed to pick favorites, but clearly, the new handbag is it!  We take it home and open the store packaging like it is Christmas morning.  We might even save the bag it came in because it's cooler to carry groceries in a Michael Kors bag, than in a plastic supermarket bag.  We try it out in front of the mirror and with different outfits.  We couldn't be happier! 

The first time we take it out, we secretly hope everyone will notice and comment on it.  We eat up every compliment and walk with a bit of a swagger knowing that we have "It" on our arm.  We are scared to put it on the floor, cleaning it every night we get home.  We LOVE our new handbag!

MONTH ONE: Most people have seen you with the new handbag by now, but it's still awesome.  We carry it everyday, even with outfits that it really doesn't go with.  Doesn't matter... just gotta use this awesome new handbag!

MONTH TWO: Our "new" handbag is not that "new" anymore.  It might have it's first scratch or mark on it.  Even though we said we would never do this... we find ourselves setting it on the floor in public places.  It's still an "okay" bag, but the swagger in your walk when carrying it is now gone.

MONTH THREE: You catch yourself looking at other handbags in the windows of stores you walk by.  You really want to go in to try them on, but can't justify buying another one already.  You decide to stick it out with the old handbag you bought a couple months ago.  Secretly, you hope something happens to it (e.g., handle breaks, it mysteriously disintegrates...) so that you have a reason to buy another one.

MONTH FOUR+: You now dread carrying the old bag around.  It gets put in the top of your closet in Handbag Heaven to collect dust with the other handbags your bought.  You now have a dust bunny worth hundreds/thousands.  Oh well... onto bigger and better handbags, right??

Sound familiar?

Well, if you'd like to get that new handbag feeling, without the buyer's remorse, check out Bling Borrowers.  We have a DOUBLE TIME FREE sale on for the entire month of August to save you even more money.  Simply rent anything on the website and we'll automatically give you double the rental time for free.  No Groupons to buy, no coupon codes to enter.  It's really that easy.  

So, get that day one, OMG I LOVE MY HANDBAG feeling now!  We promise your other handbags won't mind too much.

Much love,

The Bling Girls