I have a bag that I really love. It’s bright and fun and cute and I get compliments whenever I carry it (which is really the important bit). The thing is that it’s actually kind of awkward to get into. The top folds over and it can be a bit of a pain.
Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Leather Handbag ($1695). Photo taken from Barney’s. Click here for source.

We’ve all had a bag that just didn’t have enough pockets and zippers or perhaps had so many that you could never find anything in them. If not that then you’ve run into the purse that just would not stay on your shoulder or the clutch that just never seemed to feel right.


Photo taken from PerfectBags.com. Click here for source.

Photo taken from Chanellyn.blogspot.ca. Click here for source.

That got me thinking, we really should be able to take purses for a test shop. You know like you test drive cars? Actually we should probably also be able to take shoes for a test dance but that’s for another time. A good shopping trip will let you know if the bag is easy to hold while browsing clothing racks. You’ll be able to tell if it’s easy to get your phone/keys/wallet in and out. You find out if it gets uncomfortably heavy after awhile.

Photo taken from Chiropractorspecialist.com. Click here for source.

It was only once I started down this road that I realised that renting is a good way to give a bag a test drive. You get it for a week, a month, or a season and you find out how well it will function in your life. Though then you get attached and have to give it back (I miss you purple MK Hamilton). If you’ve had separation anxiety from one of your rental bags you’ll probably want to keep an eye out for the sale the lovely Bling Ladies have coming up to make room for Fall pretties.

Of course it really doesn’t matter how inconvenient a bag is… if it’s cute enough we’ll deal with it!
Lanvin Mini Pop Leather Shoulder Bag ($1150). Photo taken from net-a-porter.com. Click here for source.

What’s the weirdest quirk you’ve had to deal with in a handbag?

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