Monday, 4 July 2011

We are Terrible Facebookers

FULL DISCLOSURE: The purpose of this blog is two fold:

1.  to be self promoting about our designer handbag rental business which we are extremely passionate about
2.  to be self depreciating about our shortcomings so you can laugh and cry along with us.

So, there's this thing I heard about called Facebook.  There was a movie or something about it so I thought I should check it out.  Caught the movie during a flight, so I missed a bit between eating the tasty airline meal and visiting the tiny airline restroom which seems to flush with such velocity I am starting to think they are just sending stuff out into space.  At any rate, it seems that Facebook is a widely accepted and generally liked form of social media (although those twins may have a different perspective).

We are two of the few individuals in the industrialized world who do not have Facebook accounts. 

Enter gasp now. 

Apparently we missed the boat several years ago and are now just embarrassed to enter the Facebook world with no "friends" in a world where everyone appears to have hundreds. 

So, rather than starting individual pages, we started a business page.  Feel free to check it out here (this is where point one of the Full Disclosure statement comes into effect).  We add photos, links we like, updates and such.  We post everything we think we are supposed to be posting.  But we don't really know.  We have no experience (READ: winging it).

So, we are soliciting your help!  PLEASE let us know what we should be doing that we are not and what we are doing but shouldn't.  If you like our page and refer others to do the same, you can earn $1 in Bling Borrowers credit towards any monthly or seasonal rental up to a maximum of $50.  Each referral = $1.  Just have the person you refer post a comment telling us who referred them, so we know who to credit.  Offer subject to end at any time, but will likely run the month of July 2011.

We promise to try to catch up with the rest of you who are already on the bandwagon.  Just be patient while we figure things out.  We just recently got rid of our VCR (for real...), so Facebook is a quantum leap.

Much love,

The Bling Girls

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