Thursday, 28 July 2011

Campaign to get on Breakfast Calgary Successful!!

Back in June, I met with someone who told me something I already knew, but wasn't doing.  She said I should be writing down my goals and setting deadlines to hold myself accountable.  This is something I inherently knew, but wasn't doing.  So, the next day I put pen to paper to map out some goals.

One of those goals was to get on BT and within a month I had achieved my goal, thanks to Kristin Hursh (producer and reporter) who developed the segment and Jill Beland who interviewed us on air.  Also, thanks to everyone behind the scenes who got us ready and walked us through the process.  Kristin, Jill, and the whole BT team were so kind, patient, sincere, and genuine... everything you see on screen and more. 

Now, if I was technologically savvy, I would convert the segment from my PVR to YouTube for all to see.  However, that is WAY beyond my abilities, so I will have to wait for the DVD and then I will figure out a way to upload it.  So much technology... yet not enough knowledge to harness it!  I need to have the Geek Squad on speed dial.

So, hopefully the video will follow... thanks for your patience!  And thanks to all of our supporters. 

Thanks to the kindness of the BT team for getting us on the air.  We are truly grateful.  Check out BT Calgary to learn more about the morning show!

Have a fashionable long weekend everyone!  

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Traveling in Style

by: Leigh-Ellen Thomas
Keepall_55_with_Shoulder_Strap_1_150x206How’s your summer going?  Got exciting travel plans?  I do not have exciting travel plans, which is just sad because summer in my mind really means jetting off to exciting places.  Whether you’re taking a mini-break with a significant other, hitting a city for shopping with the girls, or having a fdamier ebene trevi gm 1amily vacation, you need to pack and I’m here with some suggestions for how to make that packing just a little bit more exciting.

Airports can be painful.  There are lines and security checks and poor lighting.  What can make that all better?  Having a bag that you want someone to inspect more closely.  I have to admit I found it tough to pick just a couple of options so browse the Large and Extra Large sections of the Bling Borrowers website and take your pick!!
But really nothing says traveling in style like Louis Vuitton.   There are so many great Vuitton carry-on or weekend ggucci jockey large hobo with horsebit 1_206x205etaway bag options that I’m not going to list them all.  Just go to the “designer” tab and check them out.  However, my absolute favourite is the Damier Ebene Trevi.  I love the shape and handle options.  Also the fact that it's in the iconic colours, but isn't completely in your face.  While we're talking iconic I think any girl would be happy traveling with the Gucci Jockey Large Hobo with Horsebit as well.   LeighEllenprofilepic

So, wherever you're headed this summer, make sure you take a little bling!

Leigh-Ellen Thomas lives, loves and shops on the East Coast of Canada with her husband, golden retriever and the cat who rules them all.  For more fashion, travel and pet peeves visit her blog at

Sunday, 17 July 2011

If I won the Lottery...

The whole reason Bling Borrowers came to be was because for most of us, money is an object.  We don't buy things without looking at the price tag and we can't buy everything we want.  So, we thought renting would be the perfect happy medium of attaining designer things without the designer price.

Just like you, we have a "wish list" of things we would love to own, but most likely never will.  Those things that we would buy, "if we won the lottery."  Here's a few items we are coveting right now:

Brian Atwood Tie Up Feather Sandal
Nothing says "Meow" like a leopard print, ostrich feather pump. Atwood manages to combine 2 African animals in one shoe. Imagine if he combined a crowed crane with an zebra... it would have a mohawk!

Alexander McQueen Skull Box Clutch:
Nothing says "Lance Romance" like a skull topped clutch.  Recommend you don't place this on your night stand, unless you like waking up to skulls.
Prada Mary Jane Python boots:
Is it a shoe? A boot? A shoe with stocking?  For as little as $2400 you can solve the problem of having to buy stockings AND shoes.  It's like a two for one deal really.  Can't afford not to pick these up.

Alexander McQueen Finned-Wedge Peep Toe:
You could make a mortgage payment or buy these McQueen wedges for $1050.  I know which one I would choose!  Who needs a house when you look this hot?  However, I would factor in about another $15 in Band-Aids and other foot care products after wearing them for a night.  Having blisters and raw heels for a week is a small price to pay really! 

Finn Hollywood Gothic Earrings:
These beauties have 8 carats worth of diamonds and are 2 inches in length.  Price is "upon request" which is code for, "too expensive for you, if you have to ask."  However, I just won the lottery, so I can buy them.  Guess I'll need to get my ears pierced to make way for these gems.  I didn't wait 35 years to pierce my ears just to put any old earrings in them.  I suppose these will do.

Now that my dreaming is over, what's on your, "If I won the lottery list?"

Note: images taken from sites linked to. 

Friday, 15 July 2011

White is Where it's At

by: Leigh-Ellen Thomas

Versace_Calfskin_Reve_Bag_2_206x181It seems a little silly to talk about white as a fashion trend since white has been around since the beginning of time and I’m fairly certain it will be around until we’re all wearing white space suits because the earth is no longer habitable.  But right now white is everywhere.  Crisp and clean can be sophisticated and powerful.  Light and lacy can be romantic and innocent.

Looking to add white to your daily routine for a week, a month or the season?  The thought of showing off this Versace Reve Bag at the office should make working through the summer a bit cheerier.

Mega_Nova_Check_Warrior_1_206x206There’s nothing so classic as a crisp white button down shirt with beautifully tailored black trousers.  Think Coco Chanel.  If that’s a look you’re working this year then what better to match with it than a Chanel bag? I like this white Classic Flapbag and the black Flapbag with Mademoiselle Chain.

  If you’re diving head first into the all white looks that are everywhere this season, bravo! I’m such a spiller that I’ve yet been brave enough to go full force but I love the look.  If your aesthetic is crisp lines and simplicity (think Chanel or Givenchy via then consider something graphic like Burberry’s Mega Nova Check Warrior or the Coach Madison Chainlink Op Art Hailey.  Want to keep it simple? How can you go wrong with a black Kate Spade Tracy Yardley handbag?

Kate_Spade_Tracy_Yardley_Handbag_1On the other hand if you’re more romantic ruffles and lace and the Shopruche lookbook makes you drool this Pink Ruffled Juicy Couture bag might be just what you’re looking for.  Too frilly and pink? Thinking a little more boho babe? Then match your white cotton maxi dress with an earthy toned Furla Elisabeth Ostrich Hobo.

Leigh-Ellen Thomas lives, loves and shops on the East Coast of Canada with her husband, golden retriever and the cat who rules them all.  For more fashion, travel and pet peeves visit her blog at

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Campaign to get on BT

I've seen a lot of crazy products on tv.  Take this one for example:

Chocolate chip pancakes and sausage on a stick.  Just like my grandma used to make.  At any rate, if that crazy product can get air time, surely we can too!!

We have been fortunate enough to be featured on the radio and in the Calgary Herald a few times now.  One of the articles was even published Canada wide!  (You can check that article out here:
Now, the next conquest is getting on Breakfast Television. 

Don't get me wrong... I have NO desire to be a TV star or local celebrity at all!  I don't exactly fit the requirements of a television personality who is beautiful, thin, has glossy long locks, and so forth.  No, I'm more of a cross between Red from Fraggle Rock (out of control hair) and a Little Person toy (I'm so short). 

But, the next step in our publicity evolution needs to be television.  What better venue than Breakfast Television in the morning!?!  I watch it everyday getting ready... and since it takes me forever to get ready (see aforementioned fraggle rock hair), I see a lot of it.

I sent in a show idea to BT and will be anxiously waiting their reply.  Check back to see if we make it on.  Any other ideas of how to get their attention would be welcomed!  Maybe I should send them some chocolate chip pancake and sausage sticks?

Friday, 8 July 2011

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Calgary Stampede Parade

So, I am a bit obsessed with the royals.  Always have been. 

Read books on Diana as a child and collected souvenirs of Queen Elizabeth and King George from way back.  When I heard William and Catherine were coming to Calgary, I was elated!  My father-in-law (bless him) was equally as excited and we decided to stake out a spot on the parade route early to garner the best glimpse of the royals as possible.  Even my husband came along, although begrudgingly. 

Alarm clock was set for 4:15 AM, so that we could hit the parade route just after 5 AM.  We were not the first ones there, but did get a front row seat so we were happy.  It was cool and breezy, but I was prepared.  My husband, on the other hand, was not.  He planned on wearing shorts and a T-shirt but was talked out of it by his nagging wife.  He settled on jeans and a thin pullover shirt.  He moaned about the excessively large bag I was bringing (yes, I thought we would need 6 bottles of water), but happily used the blanket I brought and his father's extra sweater.  All moaning over the large bag ceased.

When the Duke and Duchess arrived, I guess I expected something more along the lines of their wedding... such as them riding in a convertible, stagecoach, or something that would give us a great view.  However, what appeared (rather quickly even though we had waited almost 4 hours) was a long line of police on motorcycles and a brigade of black sedans with tinted out windows (a la the Sopranos or something).  I just started snapping pictures without really realizing what I was seeing.  Then I stopped to ask where the royals were (still thinking they would appear after the brigade in an open vehicle).  At the precise time I stopped taking photos, the brigade had passed, and my opportunity to see William and Kate in "real life" was over.  They were in a dark sedan that was already a block away. 

I checked over my photos and realized I did get to "see" Kate, albeit not the way I had imagined.  William was on the opposite side of the car, so I don't have any photos of him.  I suppose security concerns trump gawker's desires to get good photos, and so it should be.  So, I am left with these photos of The Duchess of Cambridge (look hard and use your imagination and you may be able to spot her.  Pretend it's like Where's Waldo or something).

Maybe next time...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Stampede Style

Okay, the Calgary Stampede is likely not the most fashionable event you will ever attend.  However, it is fun to tap into your inner cowpoke and don a little western wear.  There are plenty of sites and blogs out there with great ideas of what to wear.  I've included a few local stylists and fashionista's fun Stampede fashion ideas here:

Kim Flanagan's Fab Stampede Finds

Lilly Lab: Stampede Style Hub

Theresa Tayler: What to Wear to Nashville North, Calgary Stampede #YYC

Perhaps what is equally as important is what NOT to wear.  Maybe I'm getting old, but I would generally refrain from any of these.  More power to you if you can pull them off.  Giddy up.

Monday, 4 July 2011

We are Terrible Facebookers

FULL DISCLOSURE: The purpose of this blog is two fold:

1.  to be self promoting about our designer handbag rental business which we are extremely passionate about
2.  to be self depreciating about our shortcomings so you can laugh and cry along with us.

So, there's this thing I heard about called Facebook.  There was a movie or something about it so I thought I should check it out.  Caught the movie during a flight, so I missed a bit between eating the tasty airline meal and visiting the tiny airline restroom which seems to flush with such velocity I am starting to think they are just sending stuff out into space.  At any rate, it seems that Facebook is a widely accepted and generally liked form of social media (although those twins may have a different perspective).

We are two of the few individuals in the industrialized world who do not have Facebook accounts. 

Enter gasp now. 

Apparently we missed the boat several years ago and are now just embarrassed to enter the Facebook world with no "friends" in a world where everyone appears to have hundreds. 

So, rather than starting individual pages, we started a business page.  Feel free to check it out here (this is where point one of the Full Disclosure statement comes into effect).  We add photos, links we like, updates and such.  We post everything we think we are supposed to be posting.  But we don't really know.  We have no experience (READ: winging it).

So, we are soliciting your help!  PLEASE let us know what we should be doing that we are not and what we are doing but shouldn't.  If you like our page and refer others to do the same, you can earn $1 in Bling Borrowers credit towards any monthly or seasonal rental up to a maximum of $50.  Each referral = $1.  Just have the person you refer post a comment telling us who referred them, so we know who to credit.  Offer subject to end at any time, but will likely run the month of July 2011.

We promise to try to catch up with the rest of you who are already on the bandwagon.  Just be patient while we figure things out.  We just recently got rid of our VCR (for real...), so Facebook is a quantum leap.

Much love,

The Bling Girls

Designer Styling Tips to get you through Wedding Season (on a budget)

by: Leigh Ellen Thomas
Chanel_Calfskin_Flag_Bag_with_Mademoiselle_Chain_1_121x206Wedding season is upon us and as women we know that means spending $$$.  Whether you’re a bride to be, a member of the wedding party or just a friend with multiple embossed invitations piling up wedding season requires planning.  Bridal showers, bachelorette parties (or hen dos for my British friends), rehearsal dinners and the wedding itself have diverse dress requirements and we know hundreds of photos will be taken and posted on facebook, twitter, and (if you’re friends with me) blogs before we even make it home at the end of the day.

Here are some ideas to get you through wedding season in style without having to invest in the purchase of several pieces.

Bridal Shower:
This isn’t a big deal for guests but for the Bride-To-Be it’s a time for pretty party wear.  I like the idea of adding a little sparkle with a Coach Flower Necklace or theCoach_Poppy_Floral_Graffiti_Glam_Tote_1_206x170 Michael Kors Interlocking Rings Necklace.  Looking for a little colour? I really love the Kenneth Cole Multistrand Teal, Aqua, and Gold Necklace.

I like the idea of going bridal white with a Chanel Classic Flap Handbag with chain or super girly with a pink Juicy Couture Royal Ruffle Tote (good for bringing home all of the cards you’ll receive).  If you’re the support network at the shower, ie Maid of Honour or Mother of the Bride you’ll want something of a decent size in order to hold camera, pen and paper for writing down who all those gifts came from, etc.  A Michael Kors Braided Grommet Tote in fuchsia or Coach Poppy Floral Graffiti Tote fits the bill.

Bachelorette Party:
Gucci_Guccissima_Silver_Hobo_1_206x136This type of event calls for a bit of a glam and you certainly don’t want to be hauling too much with you as you party the night away.  I’m a sucker for Swarovski having lived in Austria where the company originated and I love this Swarovski Firelight Clutch. Need a little more storage room? Try this Gucci Guccissima Silver Hobo or Michael Kors Camden Shoulder Bag.

Rehearsal Dinner:Swarovski_Parallele_Pendant_Crystal_Necklace_I
More couples are moving towards casual rehearsal dinners but for most this is a fairly dressy event.  Now any of the following pieces would be perfect to compliment your wedding dress but if you’re heart set on purchasing that as the Bride-To-Be this might be a good time to break out some real bling like the Adriana Orsini Drop Pave Crystal Necklace, Swarovski Parallele Pendant Crystal Necklace or the Juicy Couture Sequin Drama Bib Necklace.  If you’re a guest and the wedding is going to be fairly formal then treat yourself to some frosting for the big event but don’t outshine the Bride at the rehearsal.  You might want to save the pieces above for the actual event.

Kate_Spade_New_York_Champagne_Bubbles_Spray_Necklace_IAs a wedding guest it’s a good idea to gauge how formal the event is going to be.  If they’re getting married on a beach it might be a good idea to lighten things up and if the invitation says Black Tie I’d skip the flip flops.  Generally a pretty clutch works for any wedding.  I’m loving this red Furla Clara Croc Clutch,   Python Michael Kors, shiny Coach Audrey Sequin Framed Wristlet and once again the Swarovski Firelight Calfskin Clutch.  If you want to be able to throw in a pair of ballet flats to replace your heels when the dancing starts then consider the slightly larger Michael Kors Camden or Louis Vuitton Monogram Houston.

Girls, if you’re looking for a real statement piece this is the time to call in the Kate Spade Champagne Bubble Spray Necklace LeighEllenprofilepic particularly if you’re going single!

Just know that there are MANY ways to look and feel your best at all wedding events, without spending a fortune!  Check out our Wedding and Special Occasion section for more inspiration.

Leigh-Ellen Thomas lives, loves and shops on the East Coast of Canada with her husband, golden retriever and the cat who rules them all.  For more fashion, travel and pet peeves visit her blog at

Bling Blog

So, we're new to this blog thing but wanted to try it out.  Although we're relatively young (mid 30s...okay, late 30s), at times we feel as though the digitial age is flying by us.  Our nieces are in junior high and can't comprehend that our high school papers were written on a typewriter (but a cool electric one though).  Wite-out came in a bottle and it doubled as nail polish if your french manicure chipped.  If you wanted to pass a note in class you actually wrote something out on paper.  And "Apple" was only a thing you ate.

We thought it might be fun to give you an inside perspective of our business, how it runs, and how it came to be.  It's a bit of a gamble for us... letting you in on all our trade secrets you know :o)  But, we hope it goes to show that we are just a couple of real life gals with dreams and ambitions tempered with doses of reality.

We hope you'll join us for the ride.