Friday, 5 August 2011

Lifespan of a Handbag

Okay, we've all been there.  Standing in the store holding a potential purchase with palms sweating.  Do you go for it and shell out the big bucks or quietly put it back on the shelf and slink out of the store?

For every handbag we buy, it has a lifespan.  And it goes something like this:

DAY ONE: we LOVE our new handbag more than anything else in our closets.  We know we aren't supposed to pick favorites, but clearly, the new handbag is it!  We take it home and open the store packaging like it is Christmas morning.  We might even save the bag it came in because it's cooler to carry groceries in a Michael Kors bag, than in a plastic supermarket bag.  We try it out in front of the mirror and with different outfits.  We couldn't be happier! 

The first time we take it out, we secretly hope everyone will notice and comment on it.  We eat up every compliment and walk with a bit of a swagger knowing that we have "It" on our arm.  We are scared to put it on the floor, cleaning it every night we get home.  We LOVE our new handbag!

MONTH ONE: Most people have seen you with the new handbag by now, but it's still awesome.  We carry it everyday, even with outfits that it really doesn't go with.  Doesn't matter... just gotta use this awesome new handbag!

MONTH TWO: Our "new" handbag is not that "new" anymore.  It might have it's first scratch or mark on it.  Even though we said we would never do this... we find ourselves setting it on the floor in public places.  It's still an "okay" bag, but the swagger in your walk when carrying it is now gone.

MONTH THREE: You catch yourself looking at other handbags in the windows of stores you walk by.  You really want to go in to try them on, but can't justify buying another one already.  You decide to stick it out with the old handbag you bought a couple months ago.  Secretly, you hope something happens to it (e.g., handle breaks, it mysteriously disintegrates...) so that you have a reason to buy another one.

MONTH FOUR+: You now dread carrying the old bag around.  It gets put in the top of your closet in Handbag Heaven to collect dust with the other handbags your bought.  You now have a dust bunny worth hundreds/thousands.  Oh well... onto bigger and better handbags, right??

Sound familiar?

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So, get that day one, OMG I LOVE MY HANDBAG feeling now!  We promise your other handbags won't mind too much.

Much love,

The Bling Girls 

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