Sunday, 17 July 2011

If I won the Lottery...

The whole reason Bling Borrowers came to be was because for most of us, money is an object.  We don't buy things without looking at the price tag and we can't buy everything we want.  So, we thought renting would be the perfect happy medium of attaining designer things without the designer price.

Just like you, we have a "wish list" of things we would love to own, but most likely never will.  Those things that we would buy, "if we won the lottery."  Here's a few items we are coveting right now:

Brian Atwood Tie Up Feather Sandal
Nothing says "Meow" like a leopard print, ostrich feather pump. Atwood manages to combine 2 African animals in one shoe. Imagine if he combined a crowed crane with an zebra... it would have a mohawk!

Alexander McQueen Skull Box Clutch:
Nothing says "Lance Romance" like a skull topped clutch.  Recommend you don't place this on your night stand, unless you like waking up to skulls.
Prada Mary Jane Python boots:
Is it a shoe? A boot? A shoe with stocking?  For as little as $2400 you can solve the problem of having to buy stockings AND shoes.  It's like a two for one deal really.  Can't afford not to pick these up.

Alexander McQueen Finned-Wedge Peep Toe:
You could make a mortgage payment or buy these McQueen wedges for $1050.  I know which one I would choose!  Who needs a house when you look this hot?  However, I would factor in about another $15 in Band-Aids and other foot care products after wearing them for a night.  Having blisters and raw heels for a week is a small price to pay really! 

Finn Hollywood Gothic Earrings:
These beauties have 8 carats worth of diamonds and are 2 inches in length.  Price is "upon request" which is code for, "too expensive for you, if you have to ask."  However, I just won the lottery, so I can buy them.  Guess I'll need to get my ears pierced to make way for these gems.  I didn't wait 35 years to pierce my ears just to put any old earrings in them.  I suppose these will do.

Now that my dreaming is over, what's on your, "If I won the lottery list?"

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