Friday, 15 July 2011

White is Where it's At

by: Leigh-Ellen Thomas

Versace_Calfskin_Reve_Bag_2_206x181It seems a little silly to talk about white as a fashion trend since white has been around since the beginning of time and I’m fairly certain it will be around until we’re all wearing white space suits because the earth is no longer habitable.  But right now white is everywhere.  Crisp and clean can be sophisticated and powerful.  Light and lacy can be romantic and innocent.

Looking to add white to your daily routine for a week, a month or the season?  The thought of showing off this Versace Reve Bag at the office should make working through the summer a bit cheerier.

Mega_Nova_Check_Warrior_1_206x206There’s nothing so classic as a crisp white button down shirt with beautifully tailored black trousers.  Think Coco Chanel.  If that’s a look you’re working this year then what better to match with it than a Chanel bag? I like this white Classic Flapbag and the black Flapbag with Mademoiselle Chain.

  If you’re diving head first into the all white looks that are everywhere this season, bravo! I’m such a spiller that I’ve yet been brave enough to go full force but I love the look.  If your aesthetic is crisp lines and simplicity (think Chanel or Givenchy via then consider something graphic like Burberry’s Mega Nova Check Warrior or the Coach Madison Chainlink Op Art Hailey.  Want to keep it simple? How can you go wrong with a black Kate Spade Tracy Yardley handbag?

Kate_Spade_Tracy_Yardley_Handbag_1On the other hand if you’re more romantic ruffles and lace and the Shopruche lookbook makes you drool this Pink Ruffled Juicy Couture bag might be just what you’re looking for.  Too frilly and pink? Thinking a little more boho babe? Then match your white cotton maxi dress with an earthy toned Furla Elisabeth Ostrich Hobo.

Leigh-Ellen Thomas lives, loves and shops on the East Coast of Canada with her husband, golden retriever and the cat who rules them all.  For more fashion, travel and pet peeves visit her blog at

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