Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Paying for What you Use

Why would I rent something when I could just go out and buy it?  Isn't renting just throwing my money away?

Not at all... if you look at the cost per use of owning something rather than renting, you end up saving far more money in the long run by renting rather than buying.  Think of it like paying for what you use.  I'll show you how...

Take a Louis Vuitton Speedy:

Cost to purchase this handbag is $750 + GST (and PST/HST depending on where you live).  At minimum, you are spending almost $800 on it depending on the sales tax in your area.  Cost will be even higher if you pay by credit card and don't pay the balance off in full by the due date!

Now, think about how many times you'll use the handbag.  Since it's such a great bag, you'll probably use it a lot (in the beginning).  Let's say you use it every day for two months, which is about 60 uses.  Then start to get tired of it and begin using other bags.  You use the bag twice a week for the next four months (another 32 uses).  Now, the bag is 6 months old.  By that time, you've bought yourself a new handbag and this one is now sitting in your closet collecting dust. 

So, you used the bag about 92 times.  Let's make it an even 100 times for easy figuring.  At $800 and 100 uses, that handbag cost you $8 to use each time.  Remember, if you paid by credit card and had to pay interest, the cost per use will go up considerably.

Now, let's look at renting.

The same handbag costs $280 to rent for an entire season.  That gives you 90 days to use it (and if you watch for sales like our double time sale on now... you would get it for 180 days at no extra charge!).  Assuming you pay regular price $280 + GST ($294) and use the bag every day during the 90 day rental period, it only costs $3.26 per use!!  And if you cashed in on our sale, it would only cost $1.63 per use!!




So, in this instance, renting saves you between 55 - 80% off the retail price compared to buying the item.  And, you don't have to come up with $800 out of pocket to buy the handbag... instead you only need $280!

Renting saves you money compared to paying retail prices AND saves you money when you look at the cost per use.  Renting handbags can be less than the price of a cup of coffee!  Who knew Louis Vuitton could be so affordable!

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Much love,
The Bling Girls 

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