Ladies love to be the first to discover a new product.

We all remember who was the first of our friends to discover make-up, to have a cell phone, and to wear high heels.  If we were the first to make the discovery, we felt like a million bucks.  If someone else made the discovery first, we were a bit envious!

Now, you can be the first to discover beautiful, handmade handbags from South Africa!

Oliver’s Farm is a new online boutique offering imported, handmade handbags, jewelry, accessories, and hides from around the world.  All handbags are individually handmade to exacting standards in South Africa.  The bags are produced only from hides certified by government animal-preservation guidelines.  These African handbags support job creation within previously disadvantaged communities.  Oliver’s Farm is one of the few boutiques outside of South Africa to stock them.


Now, thanks to Oliver’s Farm providing Bling Borrowers with our first handmade Zolani handbag, it’s our pleasure to bring a little South African luxury to you!

Here is an inside look at some photos of the actual factory where the bags are manufactured:

When I first perused the Oliver’s Farm website looking at their wide selection of handmade bags in a variety of prints, I thought all the bags looked lovely.  There are bags made from springbok hides and cowhides dyed to look like zebra  or nguni prints (all hides are obtained through Government approved herd reduction programs).

Here’s a small sampling of their luxurious, handmade bags (photos taken from Oliver’s Farm):

However, when I saw the Zolani bag in person, it was simply spectacular!  Online pictures just don’t do the handbags justice, as the bags are far superior when you see them in person.

The bag is a show stopping head turner!  It is something that all your girlfriends will be envious of… and you will be the first person who discovered it!

Even Christian Louboutin designs with springbok, but his creation will set you back $1595 USD!

Photo taken from Neiman Marcus.  Click on photo to link to source.

Now, you can be the first to carry the drool-worthy springbok  Zolani handbag.  It is available for rent on our website for as little as $18/week.  Check it out on our website here: Zolani Springbok Handbag rental.

Or, if you prefer to own your own, please visit Oliver’s Farm and they can hook you up!

P.S. We think it would make a great addition to any outfit, especially those ladies from Calgary who are planning ahead for The Stampede!

Much Love,
The Bling Girls