Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull Available for Rent!

Okay ladies, there are trends in spring 2012 in handbags (e.g., pastels, transparents, etc.) and there are classic handbags that are en vogue every season of the year.  Our latest addition is the latter.

You've seen it before on celebrities and women in the mall.  On the runway and on the beach.  It's the Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull MM.

Amanda Seyfried  Photo source:

Brazilian actress Sabrina Sato.  Photo source:

Italian Fashion blogger Chiara Ferrangni.  Photo source:

For the uninitiated, the MM is the middle size of the Neverfull family.  It's not too small and not too large; it's just right (to quote Goldilocks)!  If you need to hold more belongings, simply extend the side drawstrings to expand the bag.  Need it to be a bit more sleek?  Just tuck in the sides of the bag, pull the drawstrings tight, and suddenly you have a tidy tote.

If you really want to switch it up, the Neverfull was designed to be fully reversible, although I have yet to see anyone carry the bag with the liner showing instead of the canvas.  Although the price of the Neverfull continues to climb ($715 in 2010, $770 in 2011, and $820 in 2012), we've kept our rental price the same!  It can be yours for only:
  • $35 a week (only 4% of the retail cost!)
  • $105/month
  • $280/season (90 days)
The seasonal price works out to just over $3/day!  So ditch your morning coffee and treat yourself to designer luxury instead.  And when the season's over, you'll be ready to switch up your look with the next hot new rental!

Why rent when you can afford to own?  By renting, you don't end up with an $820 bag sitting in the closet collecting dust after you tire of it.  Think of renting like paying for only what you use!  You could rent a different bag every season for the price of buying just one!  You can switch up your look far more often, for far less money.

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The Bling Girls

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