Monday, 19 December 2011

Niche: A New Handbag Label for Calgary

As much as I dislike the corporate world, I have to admit, oil and gas really did Albertans good. Having a good job means more money to spend, and to be honest, Calgarians are paying more attention to their looks than ever before.

Trust me, as an immigrant to Calgary, coming from a huge fashion market in Asia, I was definitely experiencing this transition. With a higher demand for fashion and a stable economy, it certainly attracts fashion entrepreneurs to open businesses in town.

It’s a good thing of course, for our local economy and development. For fashion bloggers, this also means more writing material ideas.

Niche is one of the new handbag labels in Calgary that is seeking out an opportunity for this growing city. The owner of Niche, Beenish Natasha decides to import a series of both affordable and high-end elegant handbags to a wide range of audience. 

Coming from the Middle East, Beenish wanted to bring her native cultural elements in her products and share them with her clients. Most of her handbags are beautifully decorated with colorful gems to reveal a lady-like glamorous look. 

For audience who enjoys to own exclusive pieces, Niche also carries handmade genuine leather handbags specially made by Pakistan handbag designer Ali Fateh. These pieces are unique with fine details, showing the talent in handbag designs and craftsmanship Fateh has. Fateh's handbags are also well known by some Hollywood celebrity stylists, and are in the talks of bringing them to the next Emmys Awards.

As mentioned earlier, Niche handbags serve a wide range of clients. Typical clutches are sold at affordable prices of $60-$80, while special designer leather products ranges from $200-$400. Check out some of the photos of my favorite pieces.

For more info, check out Niche handbag Facebook page: Niche Facebook Page

Words by Vincent Law aka Binzento Vincente (Personal Fashion Blog:

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