Saturday, 1 October 2011

Large Handbag or Small Clutch?

Big bag or little bag? Which type of bag girl are you?  


I am most definitely a “shove your whole life in your handbag” kind of girl.  On a recent trip I managed to cram in not only my wallet, keys, hair brush, lip gloss, chewing gum and phone but also my camera, doggy treats and a litre wide mouth Nalgene bottle (the dog loves drinking from it).  I love a HUGE shoulder bag with lots of pockets and things to help me attempt to keep things organized.  

That’s one reason I recently rented the Michael Kors Gansvoort Leather Tote.  Also, it’s gorgeous.  I loved that bag and enjoyed the longer strap giving me cross body options that my usual hobo doesn’t offer.  However, I did find it a little heavy at times.  

 Photo of Kristin Cavallari from Coolspotters website.  Click here for link.

I recently realized that I currently do not own a clutch.  I don’t.  Not a single clutch.  Crazy right?  Clutches are very in right now but I’ve never seen them as overly practical.  I have enough to carry in life without having my bag in my hand all the time so I never saw the purpose of the clutch.  How do women do it? 

 Photo of Victoria Beckham from Coolspotters website.  Click here for link.

Then I was browsing the Bling Borrowers website and I just fell in love with this Michael Kors (see a theme lately?) Python Collette Clutch.   It looked adorable and I have a lot of fancy, fashion related events in the course of three weeks.  I figured what better time to rent for a month and try out the whole clutch thing!

Only problem.... I carried it to a fashion show last week and now I don’t want to give it back.  It’s so pretty! Expect some outfit posts over on my blog in the coming weeks! In the mean time, if you’re usually a “bigger is better” kind of girl, give a little bag a chance.  It’s not the size that counts right?

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